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Packaged plant and offsite manufacture
Modern building practice has embraced the use of modular systems and packaged plant.  The benefits are compelling:
Offsite manufacture reduces the amount of labour hours on site, so there is a drop in notifiable hours for the HSE.  On smaller projects this create a significant reduction in CDM requirements.
Less time on site means less time for managers, supervisors, site cabins and storage areas.  Less material storage means less risk of theft or damage, and lower insurance costs.
Using our service enables you to shorten your build time by removing a section of the critical path of your project.  There is less interaction required between trades and less risk of knock on effects as we do not require the works area to be ready before we begin playing our part. 
As we use experienced tradesmen, working alongside our management and supervision, in a controlled factory environment, we can ensure that the quality of our output is consistently high and constantly monitored.  
Please contact us to discuss where we can help you to apply these benefits to your project.

Prefabricated pipework
Pipework prefabrication has the potential to drastically reduce cost and install time, but it must be well executed.   This requires experience, planning and quality control.   Unlike many other companies offering the same product, we have a wealth of experience in the manufacture, understanding and installation of pipework systems.  We want repeat business, which means that we want you to benefit from this approach.  You can rely on us to deliver the best solution.

3D Design and co-ordination service
When creating modular and packaged solutions, it is crucial that they are designed to fit into the installation space, co-ordinate with other services, and ensure maintenance access.  As a part of our service, we can provide easily viewable 3D drawings, enabling us remove any problems at the virtual stage of the build and speed up the manufacture and assembly process.

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